New News Blog!

I am still trying to manage my on-line presence, Textile Artist is truly a full-time job and I love it! Too bad about the web-design part. But for upcoming events you can now visit latest action! which will soon be incorporated into a seamless and easy to navigate fully-integrated actionweaver dot com. New Laser Looms will be picked up from Lasern today, btw…


7 Responses to “New News Blog!”

  1. Hermine Van Dijck Says:

    Dear Travis,

    I just want to tell you that I really love what you are doing. I’m also a handweaver, and what you do is a dream to me.

    Thanks !


  2. Blossom Merz Says:

    Hey, there!

    I miss reading your blog. Are you blogging in another location now? Keep up the good work!


  3. Gizele Ribeiro Says:

    Hi, I’m from Brasil, don’t speech inglish very well but i’m a weaver and a Art’s student to be a teacher of art.
    Love your work and learned a lot with you.
    Thank’s for teaching us.
    Gizele Ribeiro,

  4. Mandy Meikle Says:

    Hi – I’m not a weaver but love the idea of learning/teaching skills we’ve lost. I heard you on BBC Radio 4 this morning & wondered how often you come to UK (ideally Scotland). As I’m sure you know, there’s lots of weavers in the Highlands of Scotland (& elsewhere up here).

    Anyway, love what you’re doing and would really like to know if you’re in Scotland.


    • Travis Meinolf Says:

      Thanks, Mandy! Maybe I will look for some weavers to do something with there in the fall? Let me know if you have any recommendations of groups or towns that would be interested in hosting a visiting weaver, I’m sure we could do some great projects!

  5. Mandy Meikle Says:

    Hi Travis, it’s taken I while but I’ve emailed some people I know and will let you know if I get any leads. How might hosting an event work? I’m not sure what funding groups have. I’m involved with some of the Transition Towns in Scotland, which are groups trying to re-learn lost skills (amonst other thnings!)
    All the best

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