This blog is about the weaving projects I am working on.

I am an internationally exhibited interactive textile artist, currently based in Berlin, Germany

I advocate for alternative economic and pedagogical models through a craft-based relational art practice.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. jessicairis Says:

    how long did it take for someone to leave a message of a question of how it long it took to make that?

  2. Jennie Says:

    Hi, I am a weaver, too. The video reminds me of a weaver/knitter in the Chicago area. Her theme is “Do it in Public” and she sits down in different locations with friends and weaves or knits.

  3. rockpoolcandy Says:

    Hi Travis – I’m a fibre artist based in Northern Ireland and fly to Berlin on Saturday – SO gutted that I’ll miss you there by just a few weeks. Will you be going back to San Fran after, as I’ll be out there in the fall? Would be great to meet up, drink coffee and talk fibre.
    rockpool candy

  4. Donna Izzo Says:

    Hi, Travis,

    I saw the photo of you weaving in Dolores Park in the Chronicle. I am wondering if you know where/when you will be weaving again in public, saying during April. Or do you and your loom just go when and where the spirit moves you?



    • Travis Meinolf Says:

      I believe I shall weave at Dolores Park again this Saturday, weather permitting, since I won’t be able to take advantage of the glorious summer San Francisco will be having this year! : ( but definitely watch this space for the tales of my Berlin weaving adventures!! and yes, please come to the park on the 11th, this Saturday, if you want to view some loom and meet the loomer.

  5. Ellen Says:

    Hi Travis, Sorry I missed you in SF. I would love to purchase your rigid heddle backstrap loom. How can I do that? Thanks. I love your video!! Ellen

    • Travis Meinolf Says:

      My little backstrap loom is available through Paypal (best if you have a Paypal account, they will only allow me three more Credit Card purchases this year…) on my website on the ‘instructions’ page: http://actionweaver.com/instruct.html . A friend in NY (Bridget of Cleopatra’s gallery) has a bunch of them (1/16″ acrylic only, I fear…) and is willing to send them out USPS as soon as I e-mail her an order! So please feel free! And of course the video is still on youtube and I am happy to answer questions about its use as well here or by e-mail, travismeinolf@yahoo.com

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