Busy Weeks!

Well I’ve been moving flats this week, to start, just for the Sommer while my landlord Kota is in town.
Here is a picture of my moving apparatus, until friends with vans helped me move the rest of it.

cart made from ironing board and wheels

This load actually fell apart en route and I had to be rescued on Berlin city streets with all my stuff! Thanks again, Cecilia.

Once the moving operation was going smoothly I took the Deutsche Bahn up to Flensborg again, to the Uni where we did a great group weaving project, making rag rug out of all our scraps, using these quite nice standing looms out in the sun on the large lawn on campus. There was also a Kindertag event one day so the kids got to see the weaving happen too, and the the class discussed possible outcomes for their textile product (Through majority vote they decided to offer it to a local orphanage and ask what for they would like it to be most–my hope is the ‘huggable sculpture’ wins but I have no influence).

click the photo to see the set of pictures I took of the weekend

and here is a video Thomas, a media student at the Uni, made of the day

Then there was this DMY event a design expo where I taught some people to weave and met Mei Lu, to coolest Aboriginal Taiwanese weaver who exchanged looms and weavings and heart with me for two days! Haven’t uploaded any pictures of that yet but I am sure these digi people who were doing the exhibit I was in will be posting stuff real soon on this one: http://www.od10beta.info/

Friday night after a day at the expo I went to this cool squatty art space in Prenzlauerberg (my new neighborhood for the next 6 weeks) where they had a group art show and music, performance and drinking and dancing!

not sure if you have to have facebook to see these, but click the picture to check!

UPDATE:  posted above set to flickr so you can see…

Now I am taking the day off to blog, and think, and weave, and get future primitive.

Keep in touch, keep watching the skies, and thanks to Mei Lu and Olga for your laser loom purchases at the fair! Also Thanks to Carol I hope your loom has arrived in Oregon! I’ll update the Debt Chart one of these days… maybe I should try this Kickstarter site? Because Wells Fargo needs a new pair of shoes!

Coming soon: Barcelona, Vienna, Utrecht? New York, Oakland, Asia?


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