Recent and upcoming and now!

Rag rug, originally uploaded by Action Weaver.

Haven’t been big on the blog scene, lately, though I’m always happy to be blogged about by other bloggers while I am on blog hiatus, which happened a couple times.
This weekend I head to Aachen, Germany, where the group show “fragments of machines” curated by Will bradley has traveled from IMO in Denmark to the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein and will be opening Saturday night! Aacheners, come out!
Next weekend, to continue my explorations of the outer regions of Germany I will be traveling north to Flensburg again, to the Universität Flensburg where I will work with Prof Schütz and Bente and the textile students to make some really profound woven situational art!
Right now I am weaving scraps to show the students for inspiration, and also because I am moving, and can’t bring a bag of yarn and cloth scraps into a new house.
More projects upcoming, and more detailed documentation and fun, so keep me in your feeds guys I’m working hard for ya!


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