Post-birthday post

Photo 501
November 11th, this Wednesday, was my 31st birthday so I have been taking it easy all week. Back in my 20s I celebrated all November but I am so much more reserved and mature now. Also I had the flu.
But I wove maybe the most impressive scarf ever, in scale and pattern, I was so excited I cut it off without finishing the piece on the loom, I just cut the cloth and stitched what was left around the front beam to start weaving again tomorrow, but I am wearing this puppy out to drinks with another Scorpio and our friends tonight at a bar called Ä. A daylight picture will show the color even better but I thought I’d let you see it a little like Berlin bar light.
In light of the introspective nature of birthdays I listed all the projects I am currently engaged in, and I thought I would share them here now:
• Teaching a local to weave without the use of language, including repair of strange 8-harness table-loom she will use
• Preparing a long-distance weaving kit for the craft class of the Greater Westminster Society for the Blind in Scotland, including an audio guide for the set-up of my laser loom
• Ongoing web-site upkeep limping towards full revamp
• Collaboration with Wolfen, a knitwear shop in Mitte (look for scheduled weaving appearances there in the coming weeks)
• WiiVing video game development– still in mock-up stages but looking like a revolution in immaterial production gaming experience
• Home Loom for IKEA– still in design stages, and awaiting presentation deadline to get serious
• Article and photo-spread on the first berlin loom for Apartmento Magazine– another open deadline
• Ideation and production for U-turn artspace in Connecticut, America show in January
• Cartier Award application for next year’s Frieze Fair in London, cross your fingers people!

If anyone has any ideas to make this flow smoothly let me know! I could do this stuff for my whole thirties! Oh, and Iris got me a pair of Made in Poland Lee Jeans, and my mom got me new glasses! Gifts, they really make you feel good.


One Response to “Post-birthday post”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday – as a new weaver, your projects all sound good! I especially like the loom from IKEA – keep us in the loop about how that goes.

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