Photo 495

Photo 495, originally uploaded by Mr. Tatiana.

I have been a little sick, and traveling and whatnot (back home in Berlin now, opening the shop for the first time today…) so I haven’t been as productive as I’d like. Today I need to make a couple hundred string heddles (photos later). But this morning I was inspired and piled up three weavings that were laying around and took this picture. I think it is pretty special.
Also I am doing some work on making the Laser Looms as featured in the OSE show available on More on this later.


3 Responses to “Photo 495”

  1. LisaRuth Elliott Says:

    what is the pattern you have on the top layer weaving? what loom did you do that on? i was just looking at a weaving pattern book today and am starting to study up on different ways of weaving (more than just stripes!). also i visited my friend who is a spinner and weaver (and from whom i learned about this skill of hers after i mentioned i’d been to see your exhibit at MOCFA) and she explained her 8 harness loom to me. so exciting!

    • Travis Meinolf Says:

      This is my favorite weaving pattern, a colonial overshot coverlet pattern called “the Blooming Leaf of Mexico” which was the only pattern I would weave for a long time! It is a four-harness pattern from the ‘Handweaver’s Pattern Book’ AKA the green book, compiled by Marguerite Porter Davidson. I did that one on my Gilmore floor loom back in San Francisco, but when I built my counter-balance loom here it was the first thing I set up! You can see the pattern starting in yellow on this earlier post, maybe I should put up a photo of the completed (much coarser) version of that pattern again. Thanks for being so cool Lisa, can’t wait to hear how your green loom works out! And tell me about the set-up stand! I’ve never included that before!

  2. LisaRuth Elliott Says:

    ahh yes, the green book. i was digging the twills in there and some of the swedish patterns. i will leave full exploration of the book for when i really know what i’m doing.

    haven’t received the loom yet, am anxiously awaiting its arrival. will let you know how it all goes! thanks!

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