Open Source Fiber Art!

Starting to get very excited about the upcoming Open Source Embroidery show in San Francisco at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art; I leave Berlin for the Bay Area next week! Here is the project description for the installation I will have there…if it seems interesting come to the opening October 1st and weave with me! And of course the Museum still has that matching grant from the SFF, if you want to support the project (and Me) here’s the link, just note that your donation goes towards Travis Meinolf’s ‘Social Fabric’ project.
Over the course of the exhibit I will provide tools, training, and time to museum patrons interested in weaving sections of cloth, which, when stitched together, will become a series of abstract tapestries/wall hangings/blankets. There will be scheduled training sessions and drop-in times, plus looms that will be loaned out to those who are extra enthusiastic about the project. Suggestions for the distribution/display/use of the material will be accepted from all participants, and the final outcome will be reached by group consensus.
The looms I will be producing for this installation are a design I have developed based on a combination of the simplest weaving tools from many cultures. It is a backstrap style, common to the Americas , Africa, and Asia , which incorporates the user’s body into the mechanism, to keep the threads taught as they are woven. The ‘loom’ itself is a rigid heddle, a primitive European weaving tool, in this case produced using computer-controlled laser technology.
Thus it is single device combining traditions and innovations from around the world; from the past and the future; used in an act that melds labor and leisure; participation, performance, and passive observation; and invites participants to experience a communal production and decision-making process that may be a bridge to the future of manufacturing.


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