Another bolt…

The last week at the shop was quite productive, working on the new loom and getting more physical information about how to design the next one… I still need to build it again before I can draw up the plans and distribute them for others to create. Washed the wool and now it is really tight and fulled, Iris will be making it into a cape for the winter. On that note I have been making websites for Iris’ clothing line Feedbag and the workshop in general… but sitting behind the loom will always be my first priority. Thanks to Reference Library for the shout out!

close-up of my favorite part.

close-up of my favorite part.

8 meters goes out the door and into the street!

8 meters goes out the door and into the street!

days of work wrapped around my head. (link to video)

days of work wrapped around my head. (link to video)


2 Responses to “Another bolt…”

  1. Larry Says:

    Hello Travis, I just saw you on Uncommon Thread. Wow! I am blown away. I never heard of card weaving before, I’m stoked to try it out. I don’t desire to do women’s belts but make wrist bands for guys. With maybe thicker threads and more masculine designs.

    I’m about to head over to to see if there are any books there on various card weaving designs.

    For the last two years I’ve been wanting to get into weaving, braiding and twine rugs, but I’ve been a bit hesitant because I was worried about what people would say. But when I saw you on t.v. this morning I was really motivated to start. I’m going out into my garage later to dig out my three books on rug making and give it a try.

    I want to ask you, that long rug your holding in the picture, how long did it take you to make it? About how many hours a day did you work on it?

    The last pieces you showed at the end of the show with those different designs was awesome. I hope I can find some directions to do designs that beautiful. If you know of a book or web site that shows how to do them please let me know. Thanks very much for the inspiration. I hope one day to email you a picture of my first piece. Take care.

    Larry Sheppard

    • Travis Meinolf Says:

      Card weaving is a really satisfying technique, requiring little by way of equipment. Candace Crockett’s book on the subject is in my opinion the best, I got to learn from her in person at San Francisco State University years ago. It is also sometimes called Tablet weaving, by the way. As for the floorloom stuff, gauging the time involved is always difficult, especially since before I could start weaving these ones I had to build the loom! But I find that once you set up the threads through the loom and everything, if you put in a few hours a day you can make yards in a couple weeks. The more complex patterns take longer, of course. Well Larry, thanks for getting in touch, I had no idea those shows were still being aired! I am always available for more questions, too.

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