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I have been hanging out down in the workshop all day lately, and what with planning for my installation in the Open Source Embroidery project at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art back in San Francisco I have managed to be on the computer all morning recently without getting much on here publicly. So I wanted to organize my thoughts about what has been happening recently by sharing it with you.

Open Source news:
Planning the layout  of the space via skype:

and getting help and support from Lion Brand Yarns again, what heroes for committing materials donations, and Ponoko on-line laser cutters, giving us a big break on the production of the looms! Dr. Ele Carpenter, curator of the show (who’s pen is pictured above) has just blogged a bit about my participation in the show. More theoretical discourse to come, for sure!

Floor Loom Plans:
Still working out the plans for making your own full-scale counterbalance floor loom! Mine cost unser 60 euro to make from all new materials, but I am sure you could scavenge the wood and most of the hardware if you are clever.

Newest Ponoko Laser project: Tabletop Laser Loom!

I have 6 of these in the Workshop in Berlin, so I can make them available direct from actionweaver once I figure out the postage, but I need to work out how to do instructions, maybe another video. I put a sequence of photos on the google, if anyone thinks they can follow them (especially people who have worked with the backstrap version) and want to purchase one for their home, drop an e-mail, please. And I will professionalize it and put it in my ponoko showroom post-haste.


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