Workshop Mr. Earthquake

SS101845SS101863SS101875SS101852So our neighbor has a knitting shop with an extra storefront next door, and she is letting us use it for a few months! August First, Saturday, will be the grand opening of “Workshop” where we will give lessons in weaving, shibori (tie-dye), sauerkraut making, bookbinding, and offer looms, clothing and other art. It is near the corner of Pflügerstrasse and Liberdastrasse, and we will be setting up all day with a special opening toast at 7 o’clock pm. We will have a showing of the prototype loom, a demonstration of the new, working model, prints, laser-cut looms and accessories, kraut, digestifs… Come please!


2 Responses to “Workshop Mr. Earthquake”

  1. Nicksy Says:

    I can’t believe this is really happening!! I love it! You’re making it, euro-style.

    I want to be part of the team, seriously.

  2. Nicksy Says:

    Also, I’m so sorry about the loss of Iris’ shoes.

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