OMG! Invented the loom, again…

Well, the good photos have to be saved for thie Italian magazine that I am giving first publishing dibs to (yeah, it’s like that) but I wanted to post some process pictures because this project is blowing my mind.


So excited! making string heddles and I will be setting up the first warp on this baby tomorrow! Basically it’s a hand-crafted loom, made from a pile of futon slats from the street, birch sticks (some verging on log) from the park, a ball of handspun hemp twine from the Georgian Steppes or somewhere, and some screws and bolts I picked up at the Bauhaus (which is like the Home Depot of Berlin, I guess…). Also a box of nails left in the apartment (labeled ‘Karens’), and two ikea shelves, and plenty of elbow grease and inspiration. More photos as it goes… and the laser table-topo loom is back in action so watch for it!




5 Responses to “OMG! Invented the loom, again…”

  1. Julianna Says:

    That looks amazing so far! I can’t wait to see it in action.

  2. Jake Says:

    So awesome! I think I subscribe to the Italian magazine, Spicy Meatball Aficionado. So, I guess I’ll the see the good pictures there.

    Maybe you should forward this to too?

  3. Nicksy Says:

    outsider art is so inspiring

  4. Cynthia Says:

    That looks really cool. Where did you get the twine in Berlin?

  5. Travis Meinolf Says:

    Actually brought it from SF, it was given to me in Mill Valley!

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