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Call for Support

Friends. As you know, in these difficult financial times, financing fine art projects can be the most difficult aspect of the creative process, outstripping even the search for a venue! I am in such a situation right now, with an upcoming installation (‘craftplay’) which I will be presenting in San Francisco’s Museum of Craft and Folk Art, with satellite actions at Rock Paper Scissors in Oakland. It will be a continuation of my ‘weaving place’ projects, (see with looms installed and available for visitors to borrow and weave using provided materials, with the function and recipients of the finished cloth decided upon consensually by all participants. The last such installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery resulted in twelve blankets which were given to a local women’s shelter.

I am currently trying to raise funds for my flight back to SF and expenses while facilitating the installation’s use over the course of the show’s first weeks in October. Fortunately the SFF has promised a matching grant of up to $5000 for private contributions, so if anyone can support this project financially (even $20 helps!) please get in touch with the MoCFA’s director, Jennifer McCabe, at, and let her know you’d like to contribute, or just give on-line at (Please note that it is a contribution to Travis Meinolf’s ‘craftplay’ installation in the comments box!) Donations of yarn and time will be gratefully accepted(thank you Zontee of Lion Brand Yarns for her pledge already) as well. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see everyone back in the Bay Area!


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