And the Laser Backstrap Loom is ready for primetime!

I only made like 50 of these, and they are available for $50 (paypal) on my website, where you can also find instructions for making one out of paper and sticks for free! Thanks for the interest!


14 Responses to “And the Laser Backstrap Loom is ready for primetime!”

  1. Lion Brand Notebook Says:

    […] friend, artist and weaver, Travis Meinolf is back with another Action Weaver video. Click here to watch it. (Recognize the yarn he’s […]

  2. Debbie Says:

    This is totally awesome. Thanks for making this video, now I have a new idea on what to do with some of my yarn stash. And I’ll have to find one of these looms.


  3. beverly Fl. Says:

    ok this is cool and looks relaxing once you set up. I wonder how strong is the product? I have a history of being to hard on tension and it breaks so is this product guarented?

    • Travis Meinolf Says:

      Guarantee? I would replace it if it breaks in the mail but not if you set it down on the couch and sit on it. The front and back beams are pretty strong but if you are really hard on stuff I would recommend using string to tie the loom to the wall that will break if you pull too hard. that way you break the string and not the loom, and get used to loosening up a little.

  4. Cheryl Gomes Says:

    This is great and easy to carry around and assemble where ever you are. Good relaxation therapy.

  5. Annemarie Perlmutter Says:

    Where is this loom available? Am just getting into weaving and this looks interesting

  6. spindalinda Says:

    I love your looms and even more you’re irreverant/non-technical approach to weaving; spinning and weaving should be fun! I ordered a loom for myself and featured your site(s) on my blog
    Tropical Twister

  7. Mary Jo Hood Says:

    I really love this! Been weaving for years and you have – no doubt about it – made weaving accessible to many with this! Thank you!!! (oh, and in the late seventies, I hung out at Delores Park, so very nice to see it again, as well!)

    Great piece for weaving!!! Mary Jo

  8. Al Says:

    This is very smart and looks like a great way to start looming. I have wanted to try weaving but was a bit intimidated by the equipment. Thanks

  9. E. Brown Says:

    You star!
    This is a great help. I’ve been scouring the internet for info on how to use a rigid heddle with a backstrap, with no luck. Yours is the first guidance of any kind that’s been clear and simple! and as an only occasional weaver, I appreciate the simple language – most weaving sites I’ve found are thick with terminology.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Jess Says:

    on the website it says ” postadge included unless your very far away”. im in the UK, would postadge be extra to here?

  11. Linda Jolly Says:

    Love this back-strap loom idea. I have started weaving (finished 2) rugs made from strips of recycled jeans. The 2 I made were a small size to use in front of a sink. Used an old latch hock frame to weave them and that was the size. Now I would like to use more recycled rugs but make it bigger and a hard framed loom would be too awkward to handle. It seems like a back strap type loom might work for this. What do you think? The holes and slits would have to be different to handle material instead of yarn.

    What is the width of your back strap loom? Have you ever connected 2 finished products to make something wider like a prayer shawl or even a blanket. Do you have any looms left?

  12. Rejser til Finland Says:

    OP: I could be daff (lord knows I have been told lol) but you made absolutely no sense what so ever…

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