Loom back in the apt!

So so glad to get the loom back from Oakland at Roy’s shop! Already wove a bunch this morning, though last night’s Valentine’s dancing wore me out. This next group of blankets are woven in  special way: Double-width weave! So they will be 80 inches wide! That’s right, these will be extra-large, maybe my last American Blankets before the (now confirmed) move to Berlin, Germany from May to the end of the year, where I will be promoting weaving in a new and different language! So each blanket will be about 7 feet wide by 9 feet long after washing! See from the photos how there are two layers, connected on the left side and open on the right? After I am done weaving all the blankets I’ll take them off the loom and open them up to the full 80″ width. Any questions?


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