Triple Base Saturday!


Last Saturday, after a hard night of wearing jeans in public, I showed up at Triple Base Gallery on 24th street with a bag full of looms, string, and herbs, and two teepees. Participants were so patient and enthusiastic as they set up their small weaving and made cloth to sew into Mojo Bags! The Mojo Bags were then filled with herbs and healing amulets were taken home by all the newly-minted weavers. Also that day we went to Healing Circle Community Accupuncture, which I had never done. It made me feel really, really, good.



the herbs: Fennel, Woodworm, Rosemary, Lavender, and Juniper were all collected in the direct vicinity of the Gallery  in the Mission.

Rose Petals and Quartz Crystals provided by my Mom and her Boyfriend, Ted.


2 Responses to “Triple Base Saturday!”

  1. sumitramedia Says:

    Where are you located? I am so thrilled to discover your blog, weaving is a passion of mine.

    • Travis Meinolf Says:

      Right now I live in San Francisco’s Mission District, but in May I will be moving to Berlin, Germany for the rest of the year! Local to the Bay Area watch this blog for trunk shows, workshops, and other fundraising events for the big move!

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